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Zoo Nucleus G/2500235

+34 687 248 850

Zoo Nucleus G/2500235


Meet our Thevenet Golden Retriever litters


Permanent veterinary control, official certificates (BVA, AVEPA, AHT, SETOV, etc.) of hips, elbows, eye defects, Pra1, Pra2, Heart, Ichthyosis, Degenerative Myelopathy, Muscular Dystrophy, Epidermolysis Bullosa, etc...


Selection of the character of the breeders, early stimulation of the puppies, evolution of environments, outdoor parks with stimulating circuits, progressive weaning for a safer and more self-sufficient puppy, initiation to sphincter control, etc...


We regularly attend work tests such as Field Trials, Working Tests or PAN. We have also collaborated since 2004, in different IAA programs (Animal Assisted Interventions), in hospitals, specific centers, nursing homes and in prison reintegration.


We regularly exhibit at morphology exhibitions, essential work in a responsible breeding plan committed to the breed. We are proud owners or breeders of dozens of champions who have won hundreds of titles, being the only ones in Spain to have bred a World Champion.

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