Hippito's Show Results





Judge: Mrs. Lyn Kipps


Cl. Baby: VG 1st B.Baby - Best Puppy. - BIS Puppies



ALICANTE, National Show, 9/12/2006

Judge: Mr. Cesar Mosquera


Cl. Puppy: VG 1st - Best Puppy - Best of Group - RBIS



ALICANTE, International Show, 10/12/2006

Judge: Mr. Jose Amaral


Cl. Puppy: VG 1st - Best Puppy



VALENCIA, National Show, 16/12/2006

Judge: Mr. Pablo Termes


Cl. Puppy: VERY GOOD 2nd



VALLS, National Show, 28/01/2007

Judge: Mr  Rino Rosciarelli


Cl. Puppy: GOOD



GIRONA, International Show, 24/03/2007

Judge Mrs. Marisa Herms


Cl. Puppy: VERY GOOD 2nd



GIRONA, Regional Clubshow, 24/03/2007

Judge: Mr  Manuel Puchades


Cl. Puppy: VERY GOOD 1st - BEST PUPPY - BIS Puppies



GIPUZKOA, International Show, 06/05/2007

Judge: Mrs Elisabeth Rhodin


Cl. Young: EXCELLENT 1st



SANT PERE DE VILAMAJOR, National Open 27/05/2007

Judge: Mrs Mª Lluisa





SULLY SUR LOIRE (France), French Club Show 2007, 08/09/2007

Judge: Mr Frederic Hattaway


Cl. Young: EXCELLENT 3rd



PERPIGNAN, International Show, 20/10/2007

Judge: MrS  P. Gowland


Cl. Interm.ediate: EXCELLENT 3rd



BARCELONA, International Show, 21/10/2007

Judge: Mr. Dan Eriksson


Cl. Intermediate: EXCELLENT 2nd



SANT FOST DE CAMPSENTELLES, National Open 11/11/2007

Judge: Mrs Rosa Mº Borrell


Cl. Intermediate: EXCELLENT 2nd



ALICANTE, Spanish National Club Show 06/12/2007

Judge: Mrs Vicky Clarke


Cl. Intermediate: VERY GOOD



BOURDEAUX, International Show 13/01/2008

Judge: Mrs. Everett-Monks


Cl. Intermediate: EXCELLENT 2nd



MONTPELLIER, International Show 26/01/2008

Judge: Mrs Hans - Holsem


Cl. Intermediate: EXCELLENT 2nd



ZARAGOZA, International Show (p.o.) 03/02/2008

Judge: Mr.  Carlos Fernandez Renau


Cl. Intermediate: EXCELLENT 1st - RCAC 



TOLOUSE (France), International Show, 24/02/2008

Judge: Mr Pigal


Cl. Intermediate: EXCELLENT 1st - CAC - RCACIB



GIRONA, International Show  29/03/2008

Judge: Mr.  Jose Ramón Guillamón


Cl. Intermediate: EXCELLENT 1st - CAC - CACIB - BOS 



GIRONA, Regional Clubshow, II COPA PIRINEOS  29/03/2008

Judge Mrs. Janet Merrick


Cl. Intermediate: EXCELLENT 1st - 2nd. Best Male



TARBES, International Show   18/05/2008

Judge: Mrs. Drouillard


Cl. Intermediate: EXCELLENT 2nd



TALAVERA DE LA REINA, International Show  24/05/2008

Judge: Mrs Patrice Arnold


Cl. Intermediate: EXCELLENT 1st



VIC, National Show, 01/06/2008

Judge: Mrs  Julia Bango


Cl. Open: EXCELLENT 1st  - CAC - BOB - 2nd BOG




CASTELLÓN, International Show  15/06/2008

Judge: Mr Francisco Ranea


Cl. Open: EXCELLENT 1st- CAC - CACIB - Best Male



SULLY SUR LOIRE (FRANCE),  French Clubshow 2008, 13/09/2008

Judge: Mrs Pat Tuck





TARREGA, National Open 25/09/2008

Judge: Mr Vicente Gasco


Cl. Open: EXCELLENT 1st - Best of Breed - Best of Group - BEST IN SHOW 



BARCELONA, International Show, 18/10/2008

Judge: Mrs Carole Coode


Cl. Open: EXCELLENT 2nd



PERPIGNAN, International Show, 19/10/2008

Judge: Michel Le Roueil


Cl. Open: EXCELLENT 2nd



St. FOST DECAMPCENTELLES, National Open, 09/11/2008

Judge: Mrs: Nuria Bigo


Cl. Open: EXCELLENT 1st - BOB - BOG - RBIS


SIGÜENZA, National Clubshow, 29/11/2008

Judge males: Mr. Bruno Facq


Cl. Open: EXCELLENT 3rd



ALICANTE, National Show,  6/12/2008

Judge: Mrs. Alicia Castro


Cl.  Champion: EXCELLENT 1st - RAPPEL CAC - BOB - 2nd BOG


ALICANTE, International Show,  7/12/2008

Judge: Mr.. Rafael Malo


Cl.  Champion: EXCELLENT 1st - RCACIB



VALLS, National Show, 25/01/2009

Judge: Mr. Zeferino





ZARAGOZA, National Show, 07/02/2009

Judge: Mr. Harry Tast


Cl. Open: VG 3rd.



ZARAGOZA, International Show, 08/02/2009

Judge: Mr. Pablo Termes


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 2nd.



GIRONA, International Show, 22/03/2009

Judge: Mrs Gil Polo


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 1st - RCACIB



IGUALADA, National Open  26/04/2009

Judge: Mr. Vicenç Cano


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 1st



TOLOUSE (France), International Show, 10/05/2009

Judge: Mr Uwe Fischer


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 1st - CACIB - BOS



ERMELO (Netherland), National Clubshow, 21/05/2009

Judge:: Ans Van Leeuwen


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT


VIC, National Show, 07/06/2009

Judge: Mr. Manuel J. Cañadillas


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 1st. - RAPEL CAC - BOS



CASTELLÓN, International Show, 14/06/2009

Judge: Mrs. Alicia Castro


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 1st. - CACIB - BOB



SANT PERE DE VILAMAJOR,  National Open 21/06/2009

Judge: Mr. Mario Talavante


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 1st. - Best of Breed - Best of Group - BEST IN SHOW 



TARREGA, National Open 27/09/2009

Judge: Mrs Maria Lluisa Fernandez


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 1st - Best of Breed - Best of Group



FIRA DE LA MASCOTA, National Open, 04/10/2009

Judge: Mrs Rosa Mª Borrell


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 1st - Best of Breed - Best of Group



BARCELONA, International Show, 17/10/2009

Judge: Mrs Krystyna Opara


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 1st - CACIB - Best of Breed - Best of Group



ZARAGOZA, National ClubShow, 23/01/2010

Judge: Mrs Anne Woodcock


Cl.  Working: EXCELLENT 4th



VALLS, National Show, 31/01/2010

Judge: Mr. Tino Pehar


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 1st. - RAPEL CAC - Best of Breed - Best of Group



GIRONA, International Show21/03/2010

Judge:  Mrs.  Francisca Sans Ripoll (Raza)


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 1st - RCACIB



MONACO, International Show, 10/04/2010

Judge: Mrs.  Lisbeth Mach


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 3rd



MASQUEFA, Regional Clubshow01/05/2010

Judge:  Mr. William Holmes


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 3rd



TOLOUSE (France), International Show, 08/05/2010

Judge: Mrs. Catherine Zingg


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 1st



VIC, National Show30/05/2010

Judge:  Mrs. Belén García,       Grupo: Mr. Juan Naveda


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 1st - Rappel CAC - Mejor de Raza - Mejor de Grupo



PERPIGNAN, International Show17/10/2010

Judge:  Mr Christian Jouanchicot


Cl.  Working: EXCELLENT 1st



MARTORELL, International & Special Show, 16/10/2010

Judge: Mr:  Jos de Cuyper


Cl.  Working: EXCELLENT 1st



ZARAGOZA, International Show, 13/02/2011

Judge: Mrs. Monica Blaha


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 1st - CACIB & BOS



VALLADOLID, National ClubShow, 26/02/2011

Judge: Mr.Blomme Ronne


Cl.  Working: EXCELLENT 1st



VALLADOLID, International & Special Show, 27/02/2011

Judge: Mrs. Catherine Collins


Cl.  Working: EXCELLENT 2nd



GIRONA, International Show19/03/2011

Judge:  Mrs.  Elina Tan-Hietalahti


Cl. Working: EXCELLENT 1st.



VIGO, International & Special Show, 26/03/2011

Judge: Mr.Jos De Cuyper


Cl.  Working: EXCELLENT 1st.- CAC - CACIB - BOB



MADRID, Regional Clubshow20/05/2011

Judge:  Mrs. Rosa Maria De Llanza


Cl.  Working: EXCELLENT 1st.



MADRID, International Show21/05/2011

Judge:  Mr. Kari Jarvinen


Cl.  Working: EXCELLENT 1st.



PARIS, Championat de France, International Show07/07/2011

Judge:  Mr. George Kostopoulos


Cl.  Working: EXCELLENT 3rd.




PARIS, World Dog Show08/07/2011

Judge:  Mrs: Mach Lisbet


Cl.  Working: EXCELLENT



MADRID, International Show21/05/2011

Judge:  Mr. Kari Jarvinen


Cl.  Working: EXCELLENT 1st.




PAMPLONA, International & Special Show11/09/2011

Judge:  Mr. Rafael Malo Alcrudo


Cl.  Champion: EXCELLENT 1st. - CACIB - BOB



MALAGA, Regional ClubShow22/10/2011

Judge:  Mrs. Val Tregaskis


Cl.  Working: EXCELLENT 1st.



MARTORELL, Regional ClubShow30/10/2011

Judge:  Mrs. Lyn Kipps


Cl.  Champion: EXCELLENT 1st. - 2nd Best Male



JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA, International Show20/11/2011

Judge:  Mrs. Per Iversen


Cl.  Working: EXCELLENT 1st.



ALICANTE, International Show04/12/2011

Judge:  Mr. Frank Kane


Cl.  Working: EXCELLENT 1st. - RCAC



VALLS, International Show, 28/01/2012

Judge: Mr. Jose Miguel Doval


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 1st. - CACIB - BOS



LUXEMBOURG, International Show, 01/04/2012

Judge: Mrs. Renné Rault


Cl. Champion: EXCELLENT 3rd



ESQUIVIAS, National ClubShow, 07/04/2012

Judge: Mr.Jim Richardson


Cl.  Working: EXCELLENT 1st



ESQUIVIAS, National & SpecialShow, 08/04/2012

Judge: Mr.Henric Fryckstrand


Cl.  Working: EXCELLENT 1st


MADRID, International Show26/05/2012

Judge:  Mr. Jose Miguel Doval


Cl.  Working: EXCELLENT 1st.



MADRID, Regional ClubShow26/05/2012

Judge:  Mr. Joaquin Cerdeira


Cl.  Champion: EXCELLENT 1st. - Best Male - BOB - BEST IN SHOW




Judge:  Mrs: Beryl Liggins


Cl.  Working: EXCELLENT 3rd.






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